Unconventional Athletes is a global fitness magazine offering unconventional training methods and unconventional workouts to enlighten and inspire dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

“…Unconventional training methods unlock new potential. Unconventional workouts challenge the body and mind. Evolve and explore new paths to progress with Unconventional Athletes Magazine…”

Unconventional Training will change your life.

We recognize the passion which drives athletes from around the world to reach new goals and experience personal fulfillment. Our commitment is to support this diverse community by providing unconventional training methodologies capable of bolstering skills and overall performance. Our open-minded approach encourages cross-learning from those outside your own sport or discipline as basic skill sets remain constant no matter an athlete’s preference or pursuit.

By sharing effective strategies and personal stories of top achieving men and women, we aim to foster growth and fuel the aspirations of athletes everywhere in search of gain or glory.

“…Our obligation is to provide you with access not only to Unique Bodyweight Exercises but the most skilled athletes globally each with diverse skillsets…”

As well as cutting edge equipment  – we also provide a practical strategy for rehabilitation and injury prevention. It is also our mission to offer you the best unconventional training in the world for example  unusual bodyweight exercises and Calisthenics, combat conditioning, Extreme sport training and so much more, enabling you to reach a level of fitness and that you never believed possible, be able to protect yourself and your family if you ever find yourself in an undesired conflict.

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Nigel John – Founder Unconventional Athletes

Nigel is very well known and respected in the Unconventional Community; he is also known as the ‘Beast’ this being for his gruelling unconventional training methods . He has had multiple article publications in other fitness magazines both in print and online. Nigel is a sponsored professional Athlete. He has created and uses his own training system known as High Octane Training, which would prove to save his life.

Power Of  Body Strength Of Mind.


‘Powerful Body and a Stronger Mind’

Nigel John created Unconventional Athletes Magazine as a resource to educate, challenge and inspire athletes to think about fitness in new ways. He is partnered with Phantom Athletics and sponsored by Mass Suit.

Well-known and respected in the unconventional training community, Nigel developed his own system called High Octane Training this being from nearly a decade of research and experience, it is considered to be one of the toughest on the planet, High Octane Training was the catalyst for Unconventional Athletes Magazine. Nigel’s program is designed to develop fitness to an elite level in a very short period of time with multiple applications. From training his mindset and extreme physical training Nigel has reached  superior STRENGTH, CARDIO, ENDURANCE and STAMINA with a highly conditioned MINDSET in a short time, you don’t need a GYM, just your own BODYWEIGHT and the correct equipment  to train to a very high level of FITNESS and from this gain supreme SELF CONFIDENCE.

A former British Commando, Personal Trainer and former pro/Am Muay Thai Boxer his knowledge and emphasis on commitment and integrity help shape his values and the spirit of this Unconventional Training magazine. Nigel was able to walk away with just bruised ribs after a prolonged attack by 4+ males, this was featured on the BBC News and in the Daily Mail Newspaper.