Pull Car Prep 101

By Erlinger Guomundsson

Full Body Super Human Strength Workout 

The exercise  to pull a car with bodyweight is a great all-round exercise that requires the coordination of different muscle groups and triggers Super Human Strength. If you are pulling a heavy car with a rope then the exercise targets equally the back, arms and legs.

As a result, you get a full body workout. If the car is lighter then, the exercise targets your lower back and your legs. If you choose to pull a light car then you can also train your explosive power more than with the heavier which you need more muscle strength and stamina. Combine them both and you will have Super Human Strength.

Build Progressive Strength

If you want to train yourself to pull a car but you need more strength to do so. Then you can imitate it by pulling tyres, sledges or other similar objects. Step by step you can increase the weight and get ready to pull a small car. Then again as you progress and get stronger you can start pulling bigger and heavier cars. Once you start pulling you’ll see progress quite quickly.

What you need is a good strength in general so having a good foundation from weightlifting is quite good.

A dynamic kettlebell exercise should be used for the half marathon or marathon sets that is well-practiced and not at risk of completely fatiguing the lifter. Single arm lifts are going to be safest and most effective for long sets. Some of the best exercises for long duration are the swing, clean & jerk, clean & press, clean to squat, clean to squat to press, and half snatch. Once you start these exercises you will be on your way to tapping Super Human Strength.

Movement and Rhythm

You will need to train the actual movements themselves and the only way to do so is to pull things as mentioned above. What you need to know as well is that your movements need to be synchronized and you need to keep a good rhythm to be able to move the object from a stand still position to rolling.

When I am pulling a car to get it moving is to move my centre of gravity as forward as possible without losing my balance. As soon as the car starts moving then you need to keep the rhythm with synchronized movements to get maximum speed and distance. If you lose your rhythm and need to stop, then it can be hard to get the car moving again.

Train regular to maintain muscle memory

As always to get better you need to train and do it regularly. You will lose your muscle strength quickly if you do not keep training them by pulling cars and other objects. This does not need to be complicated. My harness is made from old seat belts, but of course you can also go to the stores and buy yourselves a harness to use for your pulling.

Erlinger Guomundsson

Nationality: Icelandic

Erlinger was born on February 23rd, 1979.He started to lift weights when he was 17-18has lifted ever since. Before that time Erlinger tried almost any sport you could think of. He trained football for a few years and athletics. Having tried most sports Erlinger would find running and excel in it, during this time he competed in many fitness tournaments.

Over the past two years Erlinger has been mastering the art of unconventional training in his garden using things that he has found in nature like logs or stones as well as things that have  been given.