Increase pull up’s endurance for 40 reps

By Mark J Cunanan

Max out 40 Pull Ups with this progressive guide

Max out your Pull ups

This method works for those who are able to do at least 13 full range of motion pull up’s.

The first time I did pull up’s since my third year of college was about 9 years later, and I managed to do 13.  It was for a Marine Corps pull up booth.  After that day, I determined to get over twenty pull up’s.

  • What did I have to do to reach that goal?  Basically, I did one max set of pull ups everyday for 3 months.  The result of my twenty is found in the link below, it will also show you the correct form and hand positioning to use.

Once I was able to do 30 strict full range of motion pull ups I determined to do over 40.  The steps that I took to get over 40 pull up’s in one month were:

Do one max set in the morning and one max set after work for 5 days a week. When I say Max set I mean do as many as you can till you physically can’t do any more, this being per set. This is the basis to building up your Pull up endurance.

  •  Use chalk. Chalk significantly helps with your grip and will enable you to bang out more pull up’s.
  •  Wrap your thumb around the bar.
  •  Do weighted pull ups one week (at least 10 pounds), and do unweighted pull ups the next week.
  •  Do two max set of full range of motion push ups on the two rest days.

Here is the result of my 30 pull ups at the beginning of the one month of training:

Here is the result with 44 pull ups for the one month of training:

Good luck with your training, follow the methods above and you will gain maximum Pull up endurance!!!

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Mark is a former bboy from 1992 to 2003. In the summer of 2003 he gave up bboying to live for God. After completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics in December 2003, he went to complete a Bachelor’s of Religious Education from January 2004 to May 2007. In July 2007 he gave his life to work for the Lord in the Christian school, Faithful Ambassadors Bible Baptist Academy, at his church, Bible Baptist Church. Mark is the master at muscle ups; he is able to complete 20 CLEAN muscle-ups consecutively with no rest.

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