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Unconventional Athletes Fitness Magazine:

Unconventional Athletes and Juke Performance have teamed up to offer all Juke Performance members a free years subscription to UnconventionalAthletes.Com magazine, no payment is needed and there are no reoccurring payments, this is exclusive to all Juke Performance members and customers. You will  get access to some of the most high end Athletes in the world and next generation fitness equipment, tips tricks and real life experience tailored to give you the edge.  Enjoy the read!

UnconventionalAthletes.Com – Power Of Body Strength Of Mind.


Unconventional Athletes have teamed up with Juke performance  to provide you with a free years subscription to the next generation fitness magazine UnconventionalAthletes.Com. There is no payment or reoccurring payment, this is exclusive to Juke Performance  members, so enjoy access to the most high end Athletes and next gen fitness equipment around the globe.

About Unconventional Athletes Magazine

This Fitness magazine is created to teach the general public and fitness enthusiasts about unconventional, ‘out of the box’ style training – delivering you great results without the requirement of an expensive gym membership.

Our main ethos is to unite like-minded athletes globally with extraordinary skill sets and promote their achievements and information to the general public. We ensure that the professionals writing in this fitness magazine get the respect they deserve!

‘All knowledge comes from experience’- Albert Einstein

The Fitness Magazine contains skill sets from the likes of UFC Hall of Famers, calisthenics professionals, elite policemen, former Special Forces, professional fighters, strength experts and bodyweight power movers etc. Each of these bring their own unconventional methods to the table. You will learn from people with unique methodologies that have accumulated their prudence from many years of real-world training.

Unconventional Athletes Magazine also offers you an insight into the future of physical training equipment, giving you access to the industry leaders in advanced fitness apparatus.

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