An unconventional mindset training strategy to bolster the mind.

By Juliet Schutte

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I read this quote today while reading one of my favorite books, The Exquisite Risk.  I was so excited because it correlated perfectly with what I was talking about the other day about mindset training and breathing into my abdominals:

 “How do we listen?  It is so simple and so hard.  So obvious to begin, and so elusive to maintain.  In this lies the vitality of deep listening.  To keep beginning.  Over and over.  To keep emptying and opening.  And simply to keep listening.”

Mindset training UnconventionalAthletes.ComMaintain Focus

Let me briefly explain if you didn’t read that blog on mindset training.

I was talking about how I used my breath to get through an intense abdominal workout.  I talked about how amazing it was and worked, but also how difficult it was to maintain my focus to stay in a state of presence and awareness.

This quote states my challenge that day so perfectly!  I was determined to stay present and listen to my body.  I was determined to be IN my body in every moment and breathe through the burning in my abs.  It was so simple and so, so hard!   I really did have to keep beginning, over and over and over with this type of mindset training.

I had to stay aware of my mind to catch it right when it started to wander and tell me how tired the workout was making me and how much my abs were cramping.  I had to stay empty and open this was areal asset to my abdominal workout and enabled me to go further past the physical limitations and the urge to quit.

I had to relinquish any judgment of myself during the process or I would have quit immediately of this process of mindset training to work.

Concentrate on the present moment

The last part of the quote is and was equally applicable…

“… for to listen is to continually give up all expectation and to give our attention completely and freshly to what is before us, not really knowing what we will hear or what that will mean.  In the practice of our days, to listen is to lean in, softly, with a willingness to be changed by what we hear.”

I couldn’t put ANY attention on whether or not I was going to make it the entire 40 meters (abdominal seal lid walks).  I couldn’t put ANY attention on how many times I had to stop the last time or if I was going to stop the next time.   I had to put ALL my focus and attention on the present moment.

To strengthen the mind, I needed to apply this unique discipline to mindset training which in turn would aid my abdominal workout massively!

mindset training UnconventionalAthletes.ComOpen your mind

I had to be open and willing to feel something different.  I had to be open and willing to TRY something different and hear my body in a different way and, wow, was I changed by what I heard and what I experienced.

What I heard my body say that day was… give me your attention and I will tell you all about yourself.  Open to me and give me your deepest breath and I will relieve your pain.

This is one unconventional fitness and mindset training approach I use to strengthen the mind to support the body and is not just limited to an abdominal workout.

Juliet Schutte

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Since a young age Juliet has dedicated her life to the development of herself, Body, Mind and Spirit. Receiving degrees in Exercise and Sport Science and Metaphysical Sciences and taking countless courses in Weight training, yoga, alternative medicine, energy healing, life and spiritual coaching, etc., she takes her knowledge and 20+ years of experience in these fields and helps others uncover and begin to live the full potential in their own lives.

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