4 progressive ways to master the Backflip with Simon Ata!

By Simon Ata

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How to backflip

The Backflip is arguably one of the coolest and advanced tricks to do and with this pro instruction you’ll master!!! Here is a brief breakdown on structuring yourself for Backflip shenanigans. Please watch the video for detailed instruction on how to backflip and execute  properly with Power Mover Simon Ata!

The Backflip Set Up!
  1. Look straight ahead
  2. Arms swing up to full extension a full shoulder flexion (no T-Rex arms!!)
  3. Arms swing down and back full extension and squat.
  4. Explode upwards fully extend the arms and jump as high as you can, maintain body tension (keep straight) this will help you later to aid rotation.
Concur Backflip Fear
  1. Backward Roll down a small hill
  2. Roll over your shoulder s alternatively until you are comfortable with rolling over your head
  3. Put your hands close to your head like Micky Mouse ears, palms facing out, this will help you roll straight back over the middle of your head, squat down, roll back and place Micky Mouse hands on the floor and push off.
  4. Once comfortable take it to the floor.
The Tuck and Roll Drill
  1. Lay with your back on the floor fully extend your legs and point your toes.
  2. In the above position swing the arms up fully extended and bring the knees fully up to your shoulders and mimic the backward roll, do this explosively at the same time, do not swing your arms back down!! Repeat.
  3. Once you are comfortable with this movement proceed with Micky Mouse ears and roll over, once you are able to do this it’s time for the Backflip.
The Backflip and Safety
  1. Now you are ready to put all the steps above together it’s time to think about how to Backflip Safely.
  2. Get a spotting partner(s) watch the video for concise instruction.
  3. Try the Backflip in a Foam pit with a spotting partner(s) you will have to lean back a little when flipping into the pit; watch the video for more concise instruction.
  4. If you attempt to do the Backflip on a crash matt jump from a slightly elevated object, eventually you’ll be able to remove the object and Back Flip from the same height as the Crash matt. Make sure you have a spotting partner. Again watch the video on how to backflip for more detail.
  5. Lastly get two spotting partners and use a resistance band tied around your waist this will help you with movement and confidence. Please check the video for the method.
  6. Once you have mastered the above methods it’s time to take it to the Matt, we recommend having a spotting partner(s) for this, please watch the video.

If you would like to send in your how to backflip experiences and backflip progression from following Simon Ata’s instruction contact us and we’ll share the love!!  Best of luck!!! Well you don’t need luck because you will master it!!

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Simon Ata

– internet sensation. His first video of mind blowing bodyweight strength feats achieved one million youtube views in just two weeks. With a background in breakdancing Simonster has made a name for himself as one of the top powermovers and bodyweight strength athletes on the planet. He has performed and judged internationally and works as a physiotherapist when he is not performing. He is sponsored by http://www.2xu.com clothing company.

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