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Animal Ability Presents: Hips, Hips & Hips – Hip mobility drills  for Flexibility, Strength & Conditioning

By James Smith

Hip Mobility exercises

Hip awareness

There are certain areas of the human body that need extra attention. The shoulders for instance are one of the most mobile joint structures of the body. Having this extra mobility makes them prone to getting easily injured.

A prime candidate for injury

Having said that; the hips structure is a complex bundle of fibrous tissue that can be very tough to deal with. Where the mobile structure of the shoulder makes a prime candidate for injury the same can be said of the hips that is why Hip mobility drills are essential. In the case of the hips though, it is often because of the opposite reason.

Key factors that cause injury

Lack of strength, excessive tightness & even lack of endurance can cause all kinds of hip injuries this can all be prevented and help rehabilitate damaged hips by using specific Hip mobility drills. Having too little motion and strength in the hips can lead to worsening mobility & performance in, not only the gym & athletics, but every area of life. In worst case scenarios this could lead to hip surgery, something only to be used as a last resort.

Understanding the structure and function

The hips are similar to the shoulders with the main difference being the tissue structure is thicker, with a complex integration of crisscrossing muscles with accompanying tendons & ligaments thus making it much harder to REGAIN mobility & strength without diligence once these attributes are lost.

To make things even worse modern society places humans in chairs, as you have likely heard this shortens the structures in front causing the pelvis to tilt into an unnatural position when you stand. This along with shortened hamstrings (from sitting) will often cause compensations in your posture that only get worse over time.

Don’t despair though! The accompanying video will show you some different Hip ways to gain strength, endurance, mobility & flexibility in your hips to enhance every aspect of your life.

Hip Mobility exercises
James Smith

Nationality: Hawaiian

Born in Virginia, USA. Trainer since 1984. Dialysis Technician, Health food store owner, Author. Founder of the Animal Ability method, an ever-evolving way to train and eat for optimum results. Animal Ability method is using primitive, ancient and modern natural ways to enhance health and fitness in contemporary times. James is a foundation of knowledge both Spiritually and Physically, years of pragmatism have forged this mans unconventional training methods to another level.