G-Force Advanced



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The G-FORCE ADVANCED includes the Flares training system this is a dynamic workout for the entire body while learning how to do flares like breakdancers.

The G-FORCE ADVANCED is also a Calisthenics training system this will widen the range and intensity of bodyweight exercises

It’ also great for Personal trainers as a workout tool for their clients.



Finest construction quality

Ultimate training solution for multisport athletes.
Progress from bodyweight to full bodyweight exercises. From static to dynamic movements.

Take all the time due to recondition joints, ligaments, tendons and muscle before stressing them with advanced exercises. Use your body as a static load and find out how no other training will provide such an heavy conditioning.

Training is a never ending process

5 TRAINING MODES, to perform hundreds of advanced exercises and variations.

Flares Training System

Flares are rhythmic and dynamic movements where strength, flexibility and coordination, are all together involved.

Being supported by the G-Force, you have the chance to slow down movement, focus on technique, building the necessary coordination and strength to maintain the angular speed and continue the motion.

Calisthenics Training System

Dating back to the Spartans, Calisthenics is the art of using the body weight and inertia as a means to develop strength.

Widen the range of bodyweight exercises, as the spreader bar allows the practice of dips and pull-ups, with a more comfortable range of motion (for exercises like chest press, chest fly… ), and eliminate the rubbing on arms and neck;

ProgressiveMode +

Pulley Suspension Workout
The double pulley system takes the suspension workout to a new level by adding more instability to all strength movements with a wider range of motion.

One-on-OneMode + Resistance Pulley System

Allow two people to train at the same time: as one pulls in one direction, the other pulls in the other way, working the muscles non stop the concentric and eccentric phase.

The bar spreader place each pulley in front of each partner, improving the quality of the pulling and pushing action.

Transform the G-Force in a Double Cable Pulley System to:

  • Recruit all major muscle groups while moving in multiple planes, with both arms;
  • Practice rotational movements and isolation exercises.

Swimming conditioning

For swimmers, watermen and thriatletes to train any swimming style.

The use of the double cable system enable swimmers to improve their musculature out of the water, doing functional and specific movements (mimic specific stroke mechanics) to gain strength and endurance that should translate to more power in the water.

Personal Trainer workout tool


The perfect teaching and training tool for Personal Trainer and Sport Centers who are into bboying, gymnastic, cross-fit, calisthenics and street workout, free-running / parkour, acrobatics or capoeira:

  • it allows a smooth learning curve while learning new techniques and building up the necessary strength for advanced exercises;
  • it reduces the risk of injuries and allow for long learning sessions;
  • cost-effective and versatile: no need to carry expensive, bulky and heavy equipment when visiting clients or training in the outside;
  • modular, to offer more training solutions to the clients conditioning needs.




 FREE 1 year subscription to Unconventional Athletes Magazine!


pre order now