Maximize Performance with Food

By Stephen Santangelo

Peppers and exercise performance
What type of training are you doing?

All over the net you will find articles on the best foods for energy. Generally, what is missing is the most important factor and that is what type of training is scheduled for that day’s session. It is imperative to find foods which provide the specific energy needs for a given goal.

Eat right and optimize your task

If you are going to do a 1 rep max effort lifting session, such as squats or deadlifts, I suggest consuming several stalks of celery and beets. There are 3 reasons these are good food for energy: lowers blood pressure, provides nitric oxide & dilates the blood vessels for maximum oxygen and nutrient uptake. Every one of us has experienced the light headed, dizzy feeling when standing up in the deadlift. This is due to our blood pressure drastically changing and it is imperative to maintain blood pressure balance.

Get the right carb

If the day’s training protocol is an aerobic activity, such as 5K or 10K run through the hills, our energy demands are quite different than in the gym doing max effort lifting. Sweet potatoes are a great food for energy and a way to fuel the body to meet the demands of aerobic training. They provide the needed nutrient which our aerobic energy system demands.

Elevate your CNS in cold climates

For those of us who live in geographical locations which have cold temperatures from Oct-March (fall-winter) it is imperative to consume hot and spicy foods such as peppers, radishes, ginger and a variety of warming herbs & spices. This type of food for energy  immediately elevate’s the temperature in the central part of the body which includes the CNS (central nervous system) & the spinal cord. In order to properly prepare the body for training the core temperature must be elevated to 102 F/ 39C. This allows the Synovial fluids to perform their job in the joints and to stimulate blood flow throughout the soft tissues and organs.

Beetroot and optimising performance
Beetroot for energy
food for energy
Unconventional Training Unconventional Athletes
Stephen R Santangelo

Stephen has been involved with the fitness industry since 1979 and eventually created his specialty exercises & programs, which are based upon the anthropological movement of the human body. Protocols for physiological development are based upon energy systems, chemical & structural changes and time/duration effectiveness to ignite specific neurological pathways.

  • Cross Fit Certified
  • Biathlon Certified
  • Personal Trainer Certified under Jack LaLanne in 1979
  • Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach
  • Level 1 Track & Field Coach
  • Certified Resistance Band Instructor
  • United States Biathlon Association
  • United States Snowshoe Association
  • United States All-Round Strength Association
  • International All-Round Strength Association
  • United States Archery Biathlon
  • Bachelor of Science UCLA 1974

Post Graduate USC 1976


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