10 Quick Tips for Women’s Self Defense: Don’t be a Victim!

By Phil Ross

Unfortunately, there is a certain element in society, the predators, and they launch their attacks on the unsuspecting victim. Don’t let yourself be a victim. Historically, females have been the target of sexual predators, but the incidents of these attacks seem to have escalated in recent years.

Understand the mindset of the perpetrator

First, you must understand the thinking of a criminal, especially a violent one. You are not a human being to them, you are simply an object. They don’t care how many children that you have or that you spend Christmas day serving soup at the homeless shelter. None of this matters to them. As a matter of fact, the begging and pleading plays right into their sick, twisted psyche. They get “turned on” by your subjugation. Their goal is to impose their will on you. You cannot reason with them or appeal to their humanity, it’s not an option. They do not possess a “human side”; they are not like most people that you know.

The of least resistance

Second, these “people” do not want a challenge. If they did, they’d join a boxing gym, take MMA classes or run a marathon. No, they want the “path of least resistance”. Liken them to a lion on the Serengeti, does the lion attack the strong wildebeest surrounded by the herd or does it target the old, weak and separated animal? Right, it goes after the solitary, weakened target. Don’t permit yourself to be a target.

Lower target ratio

You must realize that your protection is your responsibility. The police will not be able to help you. You must take your own precautions to lower your “target ratio”, as I term it. Address as many variables as you are able to lessen the chance of you becoming a victim. Follow these tips and increase your chances of not becoming a victim.

Your mindset is extremely important. You may know all of the techniques in the world, but can you do what is necessary when the time comes? In psychology, we are taught the Fight or Flight Syndrome. However, in practice, I’ve known more people to FREEZE up when they are confronted or hit. Most people have never been hit, so they freak out and freeze up, by the time they recover, it’s too late. They are either incapacitated or have met their demise. You must get used to contact and be able to “return fire when fired upon”.

The ‘All or Nothing Principle’

You must also employ the “All or Nothing” Principle. If attacked, meet the onslaught with power, purpose and persistence. Do not hold back. Gouge eyes, smash groins, kick knees, strike throats with reckless abandon and do not stop until you are 100% certain that they cannot get up and follow you. Hit them until they cannot move. It’s the only way that you’ll survive.

Now that we have addressed the components, follow these:
Always carry a chemical deterrent. Keep pepper spray with you at all times and have it “at the ready”, not lying in the bottom of your purse.
Get into the habit of placing it in your hand. You may be attacked at any moment; it will come when you least expect it – so always be prepared! As I preach to my students and my family: It’s better to have it and not need it, than it is to need it and not have it. Words to live by, literally. When using your chemical deterrent, spray your assailant in the “Sign of the Cross” fashion, then deliver effective strikes to vital and semi-vital target areas and make your escape.

A Rolled-up Magazine, especially Cosmo, Glamour or another woman’s periodical. They are nice and thick with strong bindings. Roll up your magazine tightly and make a “stick” out of it. This becomes an extremely effective, non-conventional weapon and is readily accessible. A rolled up magazine may be used to parry a weapon as well as deliver blows to vital and semi-vital target areas. During my seminars, each person gets the opportunity to break a board with a rolled up magazine. I have them tap the board with their knuckles and then tap their own nose. The board is much harder. So if they are able to break the board, they can break an assailant’s nose. This is extremely empowering.


Pay attention to where you park. Park near streetlights and populated areas. Take note of your parking space when shopping at a mall. Predators will be looking around for someone who is laden with packages and wandering about the parking lot. Also, do not hesitate to ask a store employee to help you to your car with your packages.

Practical Clothing

Wear practical clothing. You have to be able to move, run, jump and kick. If your clothing does not permit you to do so, reassess your wardrobe. Those $350.00 high heels, as good as your legs may look in them, aren’t going to aid you in your escape.

I did a corporate seminar prior to the 911 attacks. When I was speaking to practical footwear, one woman joked about “not giving up wearing her $350.00 Prada shoes.” Well, she had to escape Tower 2 during the attack and kicked off those shoes and ran for her life subsequently cutting her feet on the debris as she fled. Thank God she survived, but she did hire me again for another seminar and said that she would listen to whatever I said and advised her co-workers to follow suit.

Never travel alone

Do not travel alone. If at all possible, make sure that you travel with another person. There is safety in numbers. Attacking two or more people is significantly harder than attacking one, even for a group. Traveling in packs is recommended, especially for those in college or those going out on the town for the evening. Also, have a predetermined game plan incase things go awry.

The 3 A’S

Practice the 3 A’s: Awareness, be cognizant of your surroundings. Avoidance, stay away from areas and situations where the probability of an unfavorable occurrence is not in your favor. Action, know what you are going to do; run away, fight, etc.…

Adhere to S.I.P.D.E. Scan the area. Identify potential hazards and escape routes. Predict what may happen. Decide what your response will be and Execute your course of action. You may choose to run, throw something, and draw your weapon if you have a concealed carry permit, strike the perpetrator or douse them with a healthy dose of chemical deterrent.

Target Zone’s

Know your target zones. When it comes to action, know where to hit someone and with what weapon of your body. Everyone has throats, eyes, knees, groins, bladders and shins. Attack those targets with unrelenting force.

Parties and Bar’s

Parties and Bars: Never accept an unopened drink from anyone. Also, keep your hand over the top of your drink and never leave it unattended. It’s very easy to slip a roofie or some other substance into a drink. Do not get drunk in public, ever.

Practice your Self Defense scenarios and techniques on a regular basis. This will give you the confidence and muscle memory to perform the techniques when called upon in a real life situation. Make training part of your lifestyle so you can continue living your lifestyle!

These 10 Tips, and many more, are addressed in SURVIVAL STRONG!

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